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Family Photo Album

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This is the process where an original is scanned or photographed, restored digitally to fix scratches, tears, fading and discoloring. Your restored image is then sent to our professional lab for printing. Purchasing digital copies is optional.

Get those old slides onto digital format and enjoy old memories or discover new ones. Available with or without restoration services. Delivery available via digital download or USB flash drive for easy sharing.

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We currently offer limited services for film. Our professional lab develops 35mm color film rolls, with about a week turnaround. We hope to eventually have a full darkroom and offer a much wider range of services as well as film supplies. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

This is the best option if you have a lot of family photos, slides and/or negatives that you need put into digital format. Digitizing makes your family images easy to share from your computer or mobile device and most importantly, preserves your family memories!


If you have an old, gilded frame that's damaged or aged, that you would like to have restored to it's former glory - bring it to us for a quote. We will painstakingly work to recreate and rebuild damaged and broken parts of the frame through a series of molding, de-molding, gold or silver leafing, antiquing and burnishing. 

Along with boxes of old photos, most people also have VHS tapes in their collection. While we don't restore film, we can put your video into digital format so that no further deterioration occurs. This is a fun way to bring old memories back to life again to be enjoyed for future generations.

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We now have a wonderful resource for custom replica antique frames and replacement convex (bubble)  glass in a wide variety of shapes.  Bring us your old frame to match or let us know your ideas or we can help you explore options!

We use the #1  photographic lab in the industry - Miller's Professional Imaging! Your images are printed on the finest, archival quality, silk photo paper. Professional photos embed the image into the substrate, rather then just applying a layer of ink across the top. This vastly improves longevity and scratch resistance for your images.

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