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Photographic Memories: Bill Range Restoration

Updated: Mar 5

Revision Photo Restoration Owner, Amy Traweek speaks with client, Bill Range about photos of his late mother, her life as a teacher in Marlin, TX and the amazing influence she had on others in her community. Bill's parent's bought a farm in the 1950s, that he now lives in today. To listen to episode 1, click here.

Photo restoration before and after
Bill Range Restoration

Bill Range Photo Restoration

In this episode, Bill reminisces about his late mother who was known in their Marlin, TX community as "Mrs. Range" due to her many years as a teacher. The Range's moved from Dallas to Marlin in 1955 and planted their roots on a farm in Marlin. Now, in his retirement years, Bill has he has taken over the property after both of his parents have passed.

The photo we discuss (as depicted above) was hanging in that farm house for many years and luckily, has survived, despite being around 100 years old at this point. Bill was looking at the photo, hanging on the wall, while remembering his late mother and he realized how precious this photograph truly is. Death has a way of making us see things differently...and appreciate the items and memories that remain, once a loved one is gone. He jumped into action and found Revision Photo Restoration through a Google search, contacted us and got the ball rolling on having this one of a kind image restored for future generations.

One of Bill's favorite times with his mother, was when he was around 8 years old; she took him to the movies to see a James Bond movie: Thunderball, a choice that he recalls must have been very much outside of her comfort zone, but it made him happy, so she set her own feelings on the motion picture aside.

Among other memories, Bill discusses how his mother was also his teacher at one point. She would get calls from students at home, who needed help on homework but yet, when he needed help, she pushed him to figure things out on his own as much as possible. While frustrating at the time, he now realizes it's because she had higher standards for her son & believed in his problem solving ability. His father raised him much the same, encouraging him to troubleshoot mechanical issues on his own. Bill has grown to appreciate his upbringing and the skills/determination his parents instilled in him as a child.

The restored photo now hangs in that same house that Bill grew up in, and as his children & grandkids come to visit, he finds comfort in knowing that the once deteriorating image of his mother, will now last for the next generations - preserving not only the likeness of her, but her memory within the family as well.


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