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Family Photo Album
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My name is Amy and I have been a professional photographer since the film days, or about 20 years. I've managed multiple studios, had my own and worked for WACOAN magazine for 2 years. I have two amazing daughters, Alyssa & Avery.  Originally from a town called Merkel, near Abilene, TX, I have now resided in the Waco area for over a decade. Riesel is where I call home. 


People often ask me why I decided to specialize in photo restorations. The way I see it, photos serve a very important purpose - to keep memories alive; proof of existence if you will.  After all, when you think of losing your home to a natural disaster (flood, fire, earthquake, etc.) the first thing people fear losing are their family photos.


When I was a year and a half old, I lost my mother, Vickie Lynn Hegwood Traweek (pictured below), to melanoma. She was only 27. From the time I was old enough to understand, I knew that photos were my lasting connection to her, as I had no memories of her. I had a profound sense that I had to take care of those photos, above all else. My love & appreciation for photography as an art, is very deeply rooted and is my true passion and calling in life.


I'm so happy you stopped by to check out my page!

-Amy Traweek

Vickie Lynn Hegwood-Traweek

Oct 16, 1959  - Nov 2, 1986

Family Photo Album
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